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SKU: 185PTA0040. Brand: PROTECTA.

Protecta Distributor Indonesia

Protecta Indonesia is one of the safety equipment requirements that must be met in the field of work. Protecta Distributor Indonesia itself has several types of materials that can be customized with usability and functionality. Because only in have distributors, agents, suppliers, Protecta Safety with diverse type, model, options, Material Safe, Strong, Competitive Prices, Cheap and Best Quality.


5-points adjustment full body harness with chest and dorsal D-ring

Attachment : One chest & dorsal D-ring for rescue & fall arrest
Adaptability : Adjustable chest and thigh strips
Ergonomic : Ideally positioned sit-strap for extended comfort
Material : 44mm Polyester web
Colour : Dual-color webbing for easy wearing


The Protecta Harness is extensive with a suitable model for everyone and every job, along with specific models for confined space/rescue and rope access work. Constructed to exacting standards, from highest quality components. The right harness, with the right quality, at the right value, that’s Pro!

If you are looking for a qualified Safety Protecta brand in large quantities at low prices. You can use the purchase request in Protecta Distributor Indonesia, KurniaSafety. All requests will be sent to all distributors and suppliers Safety Protecta brand in

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