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Safety Ranger BHATARA

The BHATARA Ranger Safety Shoes have the Ultimate Protection concept, which offers many advantages and shoe durability. The Bhatara Safety Ranger is suitable for work applications with work areas that have a medium to high level of exposure to hazards. These shoes are suitable for protection against splashes (mud, water, chemicals) and mechanical hazards in the ankle area.

BHATARA's Safety Ranger target market is workers in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Plantation, and Petrochemical (Petrochemical) industries. The zipper function on these shoes was chosen for reasons of ease of use (compact) and regulations that state that the laces can get caught and cause a fall hazard.

Safety Ranger BHATARA Features:

  • Steel Toecap
  • Zipper Type
  • Midsole steel plate (optional)
  • PU-TPU sole material
  • Insole material PU foam
  • 3D Mesh Nylon Lining

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