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Kings KWD 206

Kings KWD 206 safety shoes, anti-slip and anti-static. Comfortable to wear and protects the foot area perfectly


Single Features:

  • Puncture-resistant, puncture-resistant steel midsole reduces the risk of sharp objects penetrating the sole and entering the foot
  • Anti-Static insoles help protect you from danger when in contact with live electric circuits
  • Slip Resistant - Cleated design sole provides the best anti-slip feature which improves grip for greater stability. SRC tested on ceramic tiles with a dilute soap solution (SRA) and smooth steel floors with glycerol (SRB)
  • Self-Cleaning Sole - Improved technical outsole optimizes fluid evacuation and provides greater bending flexibility
  • Heat Resistant Up To 120˚C
  • Mineral Oil & Acid Resistant
  • Organic Oil & Fat Resistant

Convenience Features:

  • King's signature wide-profile safety toe cap offers maximum comfort to your toes
  • The highly breathable 3-D lining reduces abrasion on contact with the skin, leaving your feet insulated while drawing excess moisture away from the feet
  • Improved footbed for greater comfort and heel support, with highly breathable perforated channels that dry faster and improve foot freshness
  • Ergonomic cushioning design to provide ultimate comfort that greatly reduces foot, leg and back fatigue when walking on hard surfaces.
  • Superior light weight design to give you greater comfort for hours of wear
Brand Kings

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