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Safety Ranger BIMA

Safety Ranger BIMA is one of the best types of the Safety Ranger itself. By carrying out the Bold & Strong concept, these shoes really represent the voices of consumers who want safety shoes that are strong and not easily crushed. That's why these shoes will be liked by consumers from various industries.

For BIMA's Safety Ranger targets, in general, field workers whose work area has a medium to high level of exposure to hazards. This shoe is also suitable for those of you who are concerned about protection against splashes (mud, water, chemicals) and mechanical hazards in the ankle area who still want to say that my shoes make me braver.

Safety Ranger BIMA Features:

  • Steel Toecap
  • Lace Type
  • Midsole steel plate (optional)
  • PU-TPU sole material
  • Insole material PU foam
  • 3D Mesh Nylon Lining

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