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Safety Ranger SADEWA

The legendary figure Sadewa became our inspiration for the name of this shoe. The characteristics of these shoes also represent Sadewa's own character who is known to be agile & fresh. When you need safety shoes that prioritize performance, the SADEWA Ranger Safety is one of the best choices.

Safety Ranger SADEWA target market in general is all types of work, including transportation & kitchen work. For more specific targets are white collar workers whose work areas tend to be clean and the level of exposure to hazards is medium to low but wants an exclusive impression. These shoes are suitable for top level or managerial level in the mining, Oil & Gas industry.

Safety Ranger SADEWA Features:

  • Steel Toecap
  • Lace Type
  • Midsole steel plate (optional)
  • PU-TPU sole material
  • Insole material PU foam
  • 3D Mesh Nylon Lining

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