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JUNA Safety Rangers

Safety Ranger JUNA was designed with inspiration from the Indonesian legend Arjuna. The design of this shoe is attractive on the outside and comfortable and soft on the inside. These characteristics are inspired by the figure of Arjuna who is described as attractive and gentle.

In general, the target market is all types of work, including transportation & kitchen work. While the target market in particular is white collar workers whose work areas tend to be clean and the level of exposure to hazards is medium to low. JUNA Series is highly recommended for workers in the oil & gas industry.

Safety Ranger JUNA Features:

  • Steel Toecap
  • Lace Type
  • Midsole steel plate (optional)
  • PU-TPU sole material
  • Insole material PU foam
  • 3D Mesh Nylon Lining

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