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Safety Shoes Cheetah 3002H

Safety shoes Cheetah 3002H supports use in industry, engineering, or construction. Safe and comfortable equipped with a PU outsole and equipped with a steel protector.


Choosing Safety Shoes

One of the Cheetah Revolution PU (Polyurethane) brand safety shoes offers a durable, yet soft outsole, providing good traction to maintain lightness and flexibility, while being designed to provide superior traction on muddy terrain.

Cheetah Revolution 3002H

This model is equipped with "Antistatic Outsole" and "Steel Midsole" features. Revolution PU with Full Safety Features can withstand pressure of 200 Joule toe caps and complies with EN safety standards. Find price lists & offers of other brands Kings, Krisbow, Jogger, Dr. Osha can contact us.

Brand Cheetah
Product Type Safety Shoes
Product Color Black
Weight 2300 Grams

Product Recomendation

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