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KSTRONG Extreme Tripod 7FT - AFT710007

KStrong Extreme Tripod has been designed for confined space entry / retrieval applications. Its simplistic design allows the easy set up providing the user a means of controlled ascent and descent in minimal time.



  • Double integral head mounted pulleys which is permanently incorporated in the cast aluminum head of the Tripod and provides independent passing over of cable from a Winch and a Retrieval Block.
  • Two auxiliary 15kN eye bolts as attachment points.
  • Every Tripod is provided with pre-installed universal mounting attachments to easily mount the Winch and Retrieval Blocks.
  • Can be used with Winches AFT730020, AFT730040, when used with AFT710007UW Winch Bracket and Retrieval Blocks AFS510020R and AFS510030R when used with AFT710007UR Retrieval Bracket.
  • Adjustable height from 1.19m to 2.38m

Load Capacity

  • Maximum Load Capacity:Personal use 140kg, Materials Handling 500 kg


  • Tripod Legs : Material - Prime Quality Aluminum Alloy Finish- Anodized.
  • Cast Head : Material - Prime Quality Aluminum Alloy Finish- Powder Coated.
  • Eye Bolt & Locking Pins : Material - Prime Quality Aluminum Alloy bolt & Stainless Steel Finish- Deburred & Polished.
  • Shoe : Material - Alloy Steel Finish - ED Coated Black


  • 17.150 kg ± 0.100 Kgs

System Strength

  • 15kN MBS

Relevant Standards

  • Tested As Per EN 795:2012 Type B & AS/NZS 5532:2013

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