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VPRO FRS2, a fire suit product made of aluminum from VPRO which helps reflect more than 90% of heat radiation. It can be used for 1 hour at a temperature close to 300°C and can be used for 30 minutes at a temperature close to 500°C. Maximum use for environments with high temperatures up to 1000°C (with certain conditions).



Features of VPRO FRS2:

  • Equipped with a flame retardant feature, it does not melt easily when burning continuously
  • Peel strength >9N/30mm
  • Strength against breakage: fiber/seam strength > 650N. Fabric strength > 450N
  • Overall weight +/- 5.5KG
  • All sizes
  • Equipped with a pocket for SCBA on the back of the fire suit


Brand VPRO

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