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Swipe All S70 JUMBO ROLL

  • Durable in wet or dry conditions, can be used repeatedly
  • Efficient to clean all types of dirt, oil, grease & liquid spills
  • Consistent quality & size to increase work productivity
  • Low disposal costs & environmentally friendly
  • More economical than similar products from USA brands.
  • More Economical & Economical than Rags 

Swipe All S70 JUMBO ROLL

This product is made from a synthetic fabric mixed with Pulp and Polyprophelene (PP) so it has high absorption, softness and strength like cloth & is more economical than rags

SWIPE-ALL® S70 Jumbo Roll is perfect for cleaning oil, grease, and all kinds of dirt that sticks to machines, tools, spare parts, keys in production.

Available in Jumbo Roll form which contains 900 sheets packed with printed plastic wrap so that cleanliness is guaranteed

Shape: Roll
Size: 30 x 35cm
Absorption: Sangat tinggi
Contain: 900 Lembar/Roll (Setara 180kg Majun)
Brand Swipe All

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