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Swipe All P83 Oil Sorbent Roll

  • Oil, oil & diesel oil spill absorbent on a large scale in the form of a roll
  • There are perforations each (@80 x 50 cm)
  • Higher absorption capacity & economical than other similar products
  • Environmentally friendly & easy to recycle

SWIPE-ALL Oil Absorbent Roll

Modern spill absorber which is very effective for absorbing spills and leaks of oil, oil, diesel, grease etc.

Very high absorption and fast in handling spills

Serves to absorb large spills. (There are perforations every 80 CM).

SWIPE-ALL is more economical and has the same quality as well-known international brands, and is equipped with MSDS, TDS and product Test Reports. Swipe-All is also environmentally friendly where after use it can be burned and only leaves less than 0.02% ash.

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