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KSTRONG IRSQ Seize M Rescue Kit (4:1 Ratio) 50M - AFX209001

KStrong introduces the IRSQ RESCUE KIT specifically designed to be used to rescue a casualty who is currently suspended by a fall arrest lanyard or Fall arrest Block.



  • Suitable for rescue from Fall Arrest Lanyards and Fall Arrest Blocks.
  • Sea Port Container Cranes
  • Wind Turbines
  • Rescue from ladders
  • For rescue from a fall arrest lanyard
  • For rescue from a rope safety line
  • For rescue from inertia reels
  • Remote attachment - The casualty can be attached from a point of safety
  • Rescuer can raise the casualty to release their current attachment so they can be raised or lowered to safety without the need for the rescuer to access the casualty
  • Extension pole adjusts from 0.75m - 3.0m
  • Pre-assembled Kit. No assembly is required by user
  • 50m Kernmantle Rescue Rope with an effective length of 10m
  • Supplied in an easy to carry back pack
  • Can be supplied in 75m, 100 & 200m Kits
  • Total Kit Weight: 9.68kgs ± 0.100kgs

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