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KSTRONG Brute SRL (Wire Rope) 10 Meter - AFS510010

KStrong has developed a range of Retractable Fall Arrest Blocks with Galvanized Steel cable that is Lightweight, Compact and Robust ensuring your safety when working at heights. The Retractable Block is the ideal choice for working at height and comes standard with Snap Hook with Fall Indicator and Swivel Anchorage eye which prevents any undue twist of the wire rope while working on in the event of a fall.


Features and Benefits

  • Swivel Anchorage Eye
  • High Impact Load Bearing Polymer Casing
  • Ergonomic Carry handle for ease of transportation
  • 4.5mm Galvanised Steel Cable for added strength and safety
  • Snout reduces the locking of the cable when it is suddenly released
  • Load Capacity 140kg
  • MBS – 15kN
  • Temperature Range -30 to +50
  • QR code for ease of Identification and Service History
  • Steel Swivel Snap Hook with Fall Indicator
  • Can be supplied with Stainless Steel Cable and Stainless Steel Swivel Snap Hook on Request
  • Length: 10m
  • Weight: 4.28 kg ± 0.10 kg
  • Cerfitication: EN 360:2002


  • Polymer Casing
  • 4.5mm Galvanised Steel Wire - MBS 15kN
  • Galvanised Steel Snap Hook - MBS 23kN
  • Galvanised Steel Karabiner - MBS 23kN

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