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KSTRONG Elite Shock Absorbing Lanyard - AFL408612 (1.5M)

KSTRONG Elite Shock Absorbing Lanyard is a type of lanyard with a length of 1.5 m from the KStrong elite series.


KStrong Lanyard

Lanyard is a connecting rope that connects the body harness with the system working at height. This system protects you when working at heights above 1.8 meters, in accordance with Permenaker No. 9 of 2016. The principle of A B C (Anchor, body harness, connector) will be fulfilled when all the safety equipment is used, and the lanyard is one of them. With the increasing awareness of the importance of using safety equipment, the demand for lanyards is also increasing. KStrong, as one of the best fall protection system brands, also sells personal protective equipment (PPE) for working at heights. The products sold are body harness, KStrong lanyard, robe Grab, and so on. There are several types of Kstrong Lanyards, one of which is the Elite Shock Absorbing Lanyard AFL408612.

The following are the product details of the KSTRONG Elite Shock Absorbing Lanyard:

  • Lanyard material: Polyester
  • Anchorage Attachment: Steel Scaffold Hook
  • Connecting Attachment: Steel Snap Hook
  • Webbing Width: 30.0 mm
  • Lanyard Strap Length: 1.5 Meters
  • Standard: EN 355:2002, VG11 RfU
  • Lanyard Weight: 1.82 Kg
  • Load Bearing Strength: 100 Kg

KStrong Indonesia Distributor

PT. Kurnia Safety Supplies is a distributor of KStrong Indonesia since 2022. Kstrong Indonesia has several product categories such as lifeline systems and personal protective equipment (PPE). The lifeline systems that KStrong sells are vertical lifeline systems and horizontal lifeline systems. For personal protective equipment (PPE), there are body harness products, lanyards and also robe grabs. KSS as a distributor of KStrong Indonesia provides a one-stop solution for your safety equipment needs. As a distributor of safety equipment, KSS has a head office in Jakarta and a branch office in Balikpapan to serve shipments throughout Indonesia. KSS's commitment is to provide a price quote within 1x24 hours of working time.

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