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3M E-A-R Ultrafit 340-4004

3M E-A-R UltraFit 340-4004 earplugs feature a pre-molded triple-flange design that fits comfortably in most ear canals.


Using the 3M E-A-R UltraFit 340-4004 is very easy, just hold the stem and slide the earplugs into your ears. Another advantage is that the tip remains clean even if held with dirty hands or gloves.

Features of the 3M E-A-R UltraFit 340-4004 Earplugs

  • Product type: Earplugs
  • Earplugs material: ABS
  • Strap material: Vinyl
  • Noise reduction (NRR): 25 db CSA Class AL
  • Recommended applications: assembly and mechanics, chiseling, cleaning, drilling, furnace operations, milling, heavy equipment operations, machining, metal repair, painting, sanding, sawing and welding
  • Industry recommendations: construction, general manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, and transportation
Brand 3M

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