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Honeywell V-Maxx

Fits a wide variety of workers and can be worn over prescription eyewear and with half-mask respirators.


Honeywell V-Maxx

A sporty style goggle for increased wearer acceptance. Fits a wide variety of workers and can be worn over prescription eyewear and with most half-mask respirators.


Honeywell Goggles V-Maxx Key Features

  • Can be used with most prescription glasses and/or most respirator half masks.
  • Indirect ventilation and anti-splash system.
  • Polycarbonate (PC) or Acetate (chemicals) lens.
  • It fits a wide variety of workers.
  • Peel off goggle covers available to extend lens life.
  • Sleek wrap-around styling for a 180-degree, clear field of vision
  • Direct and indirect ventilation styles available for impact or splash applications
  • Adjustable elastic or neoprene headband
  • Pivoting headband clips to adjust strap around hard hats or hearing protection
  • Peel-off goggle covers available to extend the life of the lens
  • Available in 3.0 and 5.0 welding shades
  • Available with scratch-resistant hard coating or optional Fog-Ban anti-fog coatin
Lens Material
Polycarbonate & Acetate
Lens Coating
Fog-Ban® anti-fog coating, Hardcoat
Headband Color Black, Red
Lens Overall Width
170 mm
Lens Thickness
2.1 mm
Available Lens Tints
Clear, IR/PC 3.0
Replacement Lenses
Rx Capable
Can be worn over most presciption eyewear
Overall Product Weight
101 gr
Goggle Body Material
Available Headband Material
Neoprene or Elastic Headband
Available Headband Colors
Black, Red
Dielectric Frame
Indirect & No ventilation
Lens Protector Available
Recommended Industries Chemical, Construction, Manufacture, Welding
Hazards Abrasion, Airborne Particulates, Biohazard, Chemical, Gas, Vapors, Smoke, Impact, Low Visibility, Splash

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