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Honeywell GL7500

Honeywell GL 7500 leather gloves, fire fighting gloves with strong and thick characteristics. This fire glove complies with the 1971 NFPA thermal requirements.


Function of Fire Fighting Gloves

It is undeniable that firefighters will always face the risk of burns. Even a small mistake can cause a work accident when you are dealing with fire, for that you need appropriate and quality personal protective equipment (PPE). These gloves from Honeywell are able to provide maximum protection for you. The outer skin is made of cowhide, and has met the thermal and durability requirements of NFPA 1971. The function of fire fighting gloves is to protect hands from burns, cuts and stab wounds when carrying out the process of extinguishing a fire or the process of rescuing fire victims.

How to Clean Leather Gloves

Gloves should be cleaned in a certain period so that any dirt does not become mold and reduce its quality. Here are a few things you need to do to clean your gloves:

Put on a pair of latex cleaning gloves
Prepare a special liquid for cleaning gloves
Scrub the dirt with a soft brush to remove the dirt from the gloves
Check the physical condition of the gloves to make sure there are no tears after washing
Rinse with clean water spray
Repeat the steps above as needed
Dry the gloves. Make sure to dry it in a cool area, it is not recommended to use a heater or sunlight

Honeywell GL-7500 Features and Benefits

  • Thermo Cowhide Outer Shell
  • Polyurethane Moisture Barrier
  • SEF Lining
  • 2D Pattern
  • Wing Thumb™
  • Two-ply Nomex® Spandex Wristlet
    With leather pull-tab cuff

Standard Certification

NFPA 1971

Cowhide Leather
S, M, L, XL

Product Recomendation

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