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Honeywell LG20

Protective goggles with closed lenses provide extra protection from various small materials such as dust, air pollutants, liquid splashes and gas sprays. With a soft and easily adjustable headband to suit a wide variety of workers.


Safety Goggle Antifog Honeywell LG20

Impact resistant polycarbonate lens for excellent protection against flying particles, coarse dusts, liquid droplets, mists and sprays


Honeywell LG20 Features 

  • With this type of lens cover provides extra protection
  • Comes with anti-fog coating 
  • Wide lens bay provides clearer vision
  • Standard: EN166
  • Recommended Industry: Pharmacy & Manufacture
Lens Material Polycarbonate & Acetate
Lens Coating Uncoated Fog Band
Ventilation Indirect & Direct 
Overall Product Weight 75-79 gr 
Recommended Industries Manufacturing & Pharmaceuticals
Hazards  Abrasion , Airborne, Particulates, Biohazard, Chemical, Gas & Vapors, Smoke, Impact, Low Visibility & Splash

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