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3M 8210

3M 8210 is one of the safety equipment requirements that must be met in the field of work.


3M 8210 Indonesia

3M 8210 is one of the safety equipment requirements that must be met in the field of work.


  • N95 approved filtering facepiece particulate respirator
  • Compatible with a variety of protective eyewear and hearing protection
  • Adjustable noseclip reduces potential for eyewear fogging and helps ensure a better seal and fit.
  • Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure fit.
  • Can also be used to help reduce inhalation of certain airborne biological particles like mold Bacillus anthracis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, etc.
  • Example applications nclude emergency or pandemic preparedness planning, stockpiling, etc.
  • Suggest Application :Grinidng,Sanding,sweeping,other dusty operations


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Product Type
Dust and other Particles
Standard N95
Recommended Application
Airborne Biological Particles, Assembly and Mechanical, Bagging, Cleaning, Composite Finishing, Dry Chemical Handling, Emergency & Pandemic Preparedness, Final Finish, Foundry Operations, Grinding, Lead Abatement, Paint Preparation, Petrochemical Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Sanding, Welding
Recommended Industry Commercial Buildings, Construction, Design & Construction, Food Processing, Food Safety, General Manufacturing, Heavy Infrastructure, Mining, Oil & Gas, Transportation

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