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AED Plus ZOLL has a superior feature, namely Real CPR Help technology, where this function is very helpful for rescuers with complete information such as chest compression depth, as well as text, audio and visual guidance features.

  • Brand: ZOLL
  • Product Category: AED
  • SKU: 40ZLL0010

Zoll's AED Plus is a device that stands out in terms of design, reliability, durability and performance. Data show that only half of sudden cardiac arrest victims experience shock, but all victims of sudden cardiac arrest require quality CPR. The AED Plus helps the operator or rescuer to provide quality CPR and deliver electric shocks (shock) if needed.

  • Real CPR Help® technology will guide the operator or rescuer in real-time when performing CPR procedures including the number and depth of chest compressions through text, audio and image guidance.
  • 5 years of battery life and electrode pads can increase vigilance and are economically affordable.
  • Resistant to exposure to dust and moisture with an IP55 rating, one of the best in its class.
  • Metronome adaptive guidance, which can assist the operator or rescuer in determining the appropriate amount of chest compressions.
  • Have a picture of the step-by-step help guide, making it easier for the operator or helper to provide assistance in a noisy or mixed environment with people who have various language backgrounds.
  • The electrode pads are connected to each other, making it easier for the operator or helper to place and attach the electrodes in the right position, as well as the right hand position when performing CPR.
  • Automatic testing of battery capacity and total device performance per day, week, month.