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VPRO FB218/FB818 Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket with Fiber Kevlar Material


Fire Blanket with Fiber Kevlar Material

Fire Blanket is a simple fire control instrument. Intended for enterprises, shops, ships, automobiles, and civil buildings, and is particularly useful in household kitchens, hotels, recreational facilities, and petrol stations to block the spread of fire and provide cover for safe evacuation.

What is the function of the Fire Blanket?

Fire Blanket has several functions as follows:
  1. Extinguish the fire

    The function of the first fire blanket is to extinguish small fires, by covering the fire with a fire blanket. When a fire blanket is placed over a fire it covers the fire and prevents oxygen from reaching it. Without oxygen a fire cannot continue to burn and will eventually go out.
  2. Reduces the spread of fire

    Second, the function of the fire blanket is to be able to help you so that the fire doesn't spread bigger because it has been helped by the fire blanket. By covering areas that have fire, the fire will immediately go out and not create a larger spread of fire.
  3. Protect people and the surrounding area

    When you use a fire blanket when there is a small fire, you will protect yourself and others around you and what is no less important is that you protect the area around you because the fire does not get bigger because it has been put out by the fire blanket. This fire blanket can also be used as body and head protection from the heat of the fire.
  4. Maintain security

    The last function of the fire blanket is to maintain security when there is a small fire that can start in the kitchen or electronic items such as microwaves, ovens, day dryers, etc. This fire blanket can maintain security for homes, workplaces, and other places where fires can occur. Fire blankets are also easy to use and can help prevent a fire from spreading or causing more damage.
Material Fiber Kevlar
Color Red
  • 1.2m x 1.8m
  • 1.8m x 1.8m

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