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Nomex coverall material

Coverall is clothes that protect the body from the top to the bottom. The ability of each coverall varies depending on the material. Nomex IIIA itself is a safety clothing material that has fire-resistant capabilities.

Fire-resistant (FR) clothing is an important protective measure for anyone working on a job site or with equipment that has a potential hazard such as fire, arson or electric arc. However, protection varies by type of clothing. The wearer must understand how the chosen FR garment may or may not protect it.

Work environments where there is a risk of explosion, radiant heat, or hazards such as liquids, chemicals, dust or particulates are the most common situations requiring certain forms of wear of the RF shielding. With varying degrees of protection according to your needs, clothing can protect the wearer from exposure to heat, fire, chemicals, electric arcs, molten metal splashes and welding processes.

This protective suit can also be used as a uniform, such as Pertamina's coverall uniform. The available coverall sizes vary, you can confirm it when you make a purchase.

Features Coverall Nomex IIIA

  • Consists of two parts, shirt and pants
  • Has resistance to fire (FP) and water (water repellant)
  • Lining is made of soft cotton
  • Heat resistance testing standards according to NFPA 2112 & NFPA 2113, SNI 0989-20
  • Passed the Indonesian Fire Service Laboratory Testing Standard
  • Color options: red, blue, orange and other colors available
  • Coverall size can be confirmed at the time of purchase

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