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Ansell AlphaTec 2000 STANDARD

Previously Known as Microgard 2000


Ansell AlphaTec 2000 STANDARD

AlphaTec 2000 fabric offers protection from infective agents, pesticides, particulates, fibres and liquid chemical spray. It features a two-way microporous film to provide an effective liquid and particle barrier, while also allowing heat and perspiration to escape, making this chemical coverall superbly breathable while you’re working hard. Meanwhile, bound seams, resealable storm flaps and an elasticated hood and cuffs help to ensure that this chemical suit provides a secure and effective barrier in critical applications. 

As Microgard Distributor Indonesia, Kurnia Safety Supplies (KSS) warrants MICROGARD® 2000 STANDARD coveralls meet the following European Norms

Features & Benefit

  • Chemical coverall constructed from antistatic non-woven microporous polyethylene laminate fabric (53g/m²)
  • Protects against electrostatic discharge, airborne solid particulates and small spatters from liquid chemicals
  • Designed to protect the wearer against particulate radioactive contamination for a limited amount of time
  • Protects the wearer from a range of biological hazards including body fluids, bloodborne pathogens and liquid aerosol penetration, as well as both wet and dry microbial penetration
  • Permeable to air and water vapour to reduce the risk of heat stress
  • Silicone-free for paint-spraying areas
  • Complies with WHO guidance regarding infection control and prevention in healthcare environments with suspected novel coronavirus
  • Finger loops to stop sleeves from riding up
  • Elasticated wrists, waist, ankles and elasticated three-piece hood
  • Two-way front zipper with resealable storm flap ensures this type 5/6 coverall is easy to don and doff without compromising on safety
  • Low-linting to avoid risk of fibres contaminating critical areas


  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Agriculture
  • Cleanrooms
  • Paint spraying
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Veterinary services

Bound Seams
Superior strength, liquid and particle barrier

As Microgard Distributor Indonesia, KurniaSafety warrants MICROGARD® 2000 STANDARD, setting the standard in Type 5/6 performance and protection, offers protection from infective agents, pesticides, particulates, fibres and liquid chemical spray.


Microporous Polyethylene Laminate Non Woven

Color White, Green
Size S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
Recommended Application
Clean room cleaning and preparing, Production line support & maintenance, Maintenance of plant and machines, Veterinary Services
Recommended Industry
Life Sciences, Automotive, Metal fabrication, Food Processing, Defense, Agriculture, Automotive Aftermarket, Chemical, Emergency Medical Services, Machinery and Equipment, Oil and gas, Utilities

CE Category III (Type 5-B, Type 6-B, EN 1073-2, EM 14126, DIN 32781, EN 1149-5)

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