ANSELL TouchNTuff® 92-600 is the world’s leading glove for chemical splash protection. Made with a comfortable, proprietary Ansell formulation, this durable nitrile glove offers superior splash resistance against a wide range of hazardous chemicals.

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SKU: 154ASL0050. Brand: ANSELL.

ANSELL TouchNTuff 92-600

Robust Disposable Nitrile Glove with Enhanced Chemical Splash Protection.

  • The world’s leading disposable glove for chemical splash protection
  • Proprietary Ansell material formulation offers enhanced chemical splash protection
  • Soft nitrile blend provides high levels of comfort
  • Robust design for mechanical properties
  • Silicone free for superior product protection
  • FDA 21 CFR 177-2600 Compliant with U.S. Food Contact Regulations

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