PT Mulya Adhi Paramita ChemStationAsia

Who is ChemStatonAsia CSA?

Having established a solid track record spanning  a few decades, ChemStationAsia (CSA) is a leading chemical solvents distributor in the ASEAN region. Over the years, CSA has also built strong presence across a myriad of chemical processing industries including chemicals manufacturing, storage terminals, and related logistics services. Coupled with her position as a major formaldehyde resin producer in Malaysia and Vietnam, CSA has formed an extensive platform and network throughout 8 countries to reach all her customers in the region.

The Requirement

PT Mulya Adhi Paramita in 2022 has a lifeline system needs in the Drum storage area, which can prevent work accidents when employees move the drums with a diameter of 80 cm with a maximum of 8 stacks of drums vertically the overall height can reach 6.4 meters.

Our Solution

  • Horizontal lifeline solution
  • Overhead lifeline solution
  • Self Retracting Lifelines with High Impact Strength Polymer Housing with Built-in Handle, swivel eye at anchorage end, other end with Load
  • Indicator Swivel Snap Hook with load indicating swivel locking carabiner. Includes one (1) installation carabiner and tagline (ANSI)
  • Standards                        : ANSI Z359.14-2014 CLASS B
  • The fixed lifeline system post to be installed on the structural beam using clamping system. The clamping system is certified by EN795:2012 & CEN TS 16415 Approval
  • The clamp system are include with M12 Rod and also M12 Nut as fixing kit that can fit into beam flange from 125-250mm.
  • Fixed lifeline system is designed over the head to minimize fall distance and safe access during working  above piles of drums.
  • The user must be trained and fully understand on how to use the lifeline system including the required PPE such as Full Body Harness and Self Retracting Lanyard (SRL).
  • The maximum of users are 2 persons or follow the force calculation that provided.
  • The system performance will result maximum arresting force at 10 kN during fall.
  • The installer must conducted prove test before issued ready to use certified following installation instruction