Chemical Clothing Tyvex 1422A

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SKU: 162TVX2090. Brand: TYVEX.

DuPont TYVEK Indonesia, KurniaSafety offers Tyvek 1422A which is suitable for agrochemical handling, aluminum and lead smelters, asbestos, automotive industry, cement, chemical industry, clean room applications, decontamination of contaminated land and work sites, disease management, disposal of hazardous materials, electronics, emergency response services, fiberglass, food processing, industrial cleaning and maintenance, medical applications, mining and mineral processing, pharmaceuticals and spray painting


DuPont Tyvek 1422A chemical clothin – Tyvek 1422A disposable coverall white colour

Offering more protection, Tyvek® Classic Xpert benefits also from a new ergonomic design allowing full freedom of movement even when performing strenuous tasks.

  • White.
  • Best balance of protection, durability & comfort.
  • Suitable for general maintenance to hazardous environmental clean-up.
  • Inherent barrier against dry particulate hazards, aerosols and limited chemical splash.
  • Breathability – permeable to both air & water vapour.
  • Antistatic and non-linting.
  • DuPont TYVEK Indonesia


  • Allows full freedom of movement
  • Made from soft, lightweight, breathable and strong Tyvek®
  • Anti-static, non-linting, durable and silicone free
  • Excellent protection against hazardous particles and fibres such as asbestos, fibreglass, lead, fertilisers, pesticides and carbon
  • Protection against a variety of dilute inorganic liquid chemicals and solid chemicals
  • Protects against aerosols including spray paints and isocyanates


DuPont has measured the particle barrier of TYVEK® (style 1422A) to Aloxite dust according to a proposed European test method and to Chrysotile asbestos fibres according to a Haskell laboratory test method.

Particle barrier data for TYVEK® (style 1422A) Measured according to CEN/TC 162 WG3 N263 test method using Aloxite dust and a pressure differential across the fabric of 1 Pa. Data from the Institute of Occupational Medicine (UK). Asbestos fibre barrier data for TYVEK® (style 1422A) Haskell laboratory test method – data from the DuPont Haskell Laboratory using Chrysotile asbestos fibres.

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